Drakesbrook Weir

Drakesbrook Weir

A short distance to the east in the hills of Waroona Dam is Drakesbrook Weir. The place is known as a picnic area ideal for swimming, canoeing, bushwalking and fishing. The crystal clear waters are refreshing and the surrounding bushland is tranquil.

Otherwise known as the Drakesbrook Dam, this is an irrigation weir which collects the water overflow from the Waroona Dam and is great for non-motorised sports as no power boats are allowed.

A short stroll through natural bush leads to the rock face wall of the weir where a bronze plaque commemorates the discovery in 1942 of the first known specimen of Western Australia's remarkable Atrichornis clamosus (Noisy Scrub Bird).

Location: Weir Road, Waroona, WA 6215, Australia
Phone: (08) 9733 1506


The Drakesbrook Dam, sometimes called the Waroona Weir started life as a swimming area for the local community.

Today it is known as Drakesbrook Weir and the area is a very popular venue for canoeing, swimming and fishing. The dam is stocked periodically with rainbow trout, and has a population of redfin perch and marron.

In 1842, John Gilbert, ornithologist and James Drummond, colonial botanist, discovered the Noisy Scrub Bird in the valley of Drakes Brook, while exploring and collecting for English Ornithologist John Gould. In 1948 a memorial to the "sweet voiced bird of the bush" was placed at the Dam wall overlooking the Weir.

The weir underwent a makeover from 2010 to 2012 resulting in this scenic and much loved recreation area becoming an even more popular and interesting place to visit.

The upgraded area now has modern and safe facilities including a new swimming pontoon, retaining walls, reticulated lawns, more shelters with seating and solar lighting and an improved swimming area with beach sand.

All of this complements the existing barbecue facilities, shady parking and previously upgraded toilet facilities.

The 500m return “Noisy Scrub Bird Walk Trail” is disabled friendly and provides a link from the picnic area to the noisy scrub bird historical marker and seating with excellent views of the surrounding countryside and waterway.

This caters for bird enthusiasts, nature lovers, historical buffs, tourists and the general community. Dogs are not permitted in the recreation, picnic and beach swimming areas at Drakesbrook Weir.

Outside of these areas, dogs must be on a leash at all times.

Admission Prices | Free Access | Weir Road, Waroona

Regional Information: Shire of Waroona (08) 9733 7800

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We were introduced to Drakesbrook Weir on new years day 2015 and loved every minute of it. The facilities are great and the swimming is awesome. We took four of our boys 21, 15, 12 and the big boss of 7 and they all loved it. It is so safe for the little ones with full unobstructed line of sight. You can park in the car park or on the shore with your awning out. We also took our big 2 1/2 person kayak with us and it was used all day long. We drove down from yanchep and it was well worth the drive. Well done shire of waroona for a job well done in providing this recreation area.

Drakes brook wire
Well done to the shire of Waroona , this venue is outstanding for the family . Shame the 2016 fire came along and put a stop to this venue this season,. I've not found a better place for family's to enjoy in Western Australia ! This place is a little treasure and the people of Waroona are so lucky to have this place at there back door . Thanks to the shire of Waroona and the people evolved. Chur

dave harrison
drakesbrook weir
Went there out of curiosity to have a picnic and WOW,what a great set up, with excellent gazebos and gas BBQ,s with lovely green lawns to lay on. A great beach and a very good family venue,good walkways as well

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