Beach - Blogging from Peel

Blogging from Peel

Find here a little extra inspiration for your adventure getaway to the Peel Region. See you soon!

In the Peel Region with 4WD access to some of the most pristine beaches south of Perth you can choose your own beach adventure. There’s everything from driving and diving to surfing and fishing. Visit Peel anytime of the year. Drive less, holiday more with Anytime Adventures!

Adventure & Relax in Mandurah & the Peel Region

Adventure & Relax in Mandurah & the Peel Region

By So Perth

Whether it’s adventure you seek or Zen to recharge the Mandurah and Peel Region has it all.

You don’t have to head to Bali to relax or up to Kimberley for adventure as there is plenty of both just south of Perth.

Beach Adventures in a 4WD Bus

Beach Adventures in a 4WD Bus

The pure white sand of Preston Beach is beneath me.  On my left is the sparkling Indian Ocean and on my right are majestic sand dunes. 

And…I’m riding in a very comfortable coach!

The experience of 4x4 adventure in a bus on the beach is an utterly new one and I’m very pleased the folks at Westside Tours thought of doing it. Ten minutes ago, we were in the carpark in front of the sand dunes and our guides Darren and Steve were expertly releasing air pressure in the huge tyres of our custom designed 4x4 coach.