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Darling Downs Bridle Trails

The Darling Downs Bridle Trails are in the township of Darling Downs, and provide an easily accessible, safe and pleasant place for horseriding for locals and visitors away from motor traffic.

The public open space has a sand surfaced trotting track with a circuit of 1600 metres, a fenced exercise area plus open riding space and small jumps.

Location: 1 Evening Peal Court, Darling Downs WA 6122 Australia
Phone: 08 9525 9999


The bridle trails in the Serpentine Jarradale area are not only for horses - they can be used for bush walking and trekking.

Here are some easy suggested rides: The Comic Court Circuit, approx 5.5km, takes you down between Lord Fury and Rain Lover Court, crossing Masters Road then turn right and follow the track to the end and continue to Gloaming Way. Here the track turns left and runs alongside a drain paralleling Hopkinson Road. The Birriga Drain Circuit, approx 2.6km is a shorter ride from the public open space between Evening Peal Court and Tullock Way. At the T-junction turn right to cross Tullock Way and down to the creek (Birriga Drain) where you can ride along good tracks on either side. Ride across the shallow ford directly ahead, then back across the bridge. The Rowley Road ride is for those who can ride safely along the road across the Birriga Drain and up onto Rowley Road (cross the Northern side of Rowley Rd and ride along the verge until opposite the bridle trail which meets Rowley Road past Masters Road. All trails can be used all year round.

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