The Recycle Instrument Project at Fringe Mandurah

February 27 @ 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
The Recycle-Instrument-Project -at-Fringe-Mandurah

The Recycle Instrument Project at Fringe Mandurah

The Recycle-Instrument-Project -at-Fringe-Mandurah
The Recycle Instrument Project at Fringe Mandurah

We all have that broken instrument which is beyond salvageable… but we still cannot bear to throw it away. Don’t fret, you can save it from a fate worse than landfill with The Recycle Instrument Project!

We’ll bring the paints, the glue, even the glitter… just about everything that could infuse a new soul into your tired and battered guitar or violin. All you have to do is bring your old instrument.

Just don’t bring your Stradivarius violins, though, please! We’ve got a luthier – someone who makes and repairs instruments – who could fix your Strad right up. And, if you don’t have an instrument, no worries. We’ve got plenty of spare violin and viola bridges lying around for you to bedazzle instead.

About the Artists – Curate Arts Incorporated

We are a collective of local artists, musicians, designers and all-round amazing creatives who are bringing passion projects to life.

Curate is comprised of WA talent and aims to support our WA creatives on their artistic journeys.

We love the weird and wonderful and everything in between. Our aim is to push the boundaries every chance we get in order to create new thoughtful and thought-provoking art with innovative artistic approaches.

We don’t just think ‘outside the box’ – the box isn’t even there!

About Fringe Mandurah

FRINGE WORLD is the most popular annual festival in Perth, and hundreds of thousands of people enjoy the incredible array of entertainment on offer annually.

The City of Mandurah has included Fringe Mandurah as part of its series of  Endless Long Weekends from February 6th until March 1st 2021. There will be something for everyone at Fringe Mandurah; from comedy, music and much more, plus ticket prices are great value so you can enjoy multiple shows over the long weekend!  Tickets are on sale here. 


To see what other Fringe events are happening, visit our events page.



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