Mandurah & the Peel Region - Skyline Hydrobikes

Skyline Hydrobikes

Skyline Hydrobikes

Date: April School Holidays

At Foreshore near Dome Cafe 75 Mandurah Tce

Cost: Half hour hire $15
Seniors $10
Canal Rides by Arrangement $25

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Eco-Friendly: Pedal Propelled, A Fun Way to Check Out the Bay, And Enjoy Aquatic Life

Join the Hydrobike Movement!   

If you’re looking for a very safe and fun water recreational activity Hydrobikes  are a wonderful alternative to cycling on busy streets.

Hydrobikes have no motor, create no pollution, leave no carbon footprint, and are whisper quiet. In addition, they are easy to ride with no skill required. They are faster than kayaks and better than fishing kayaks for catching fish. You won’t disturb wild, or aquatic life. Our premier quality, water bikes are for family fun, fitness, and your environment.

Start getting ready for unique family fun on the water. Suitable for everyone from 8 to 80.


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