Thrombolite Reef l Explore The Peel Region

Explore the largest thrombolite reef in the Southern Hemisphere

The Peel Region is home to unique treasures of nature.

Lake Clifton is in the Yalgorup Lakes National Park, less than half an hour’s drive south of Mandurah along Old Coast Road.

There, you’ll find the largest Thrombolite reef in the Southern Hemisphere at Lake Clifton.

The thrombolites sit in shallow water along a 6km-long section of Lake Clifton’s eastern shoreline. They are living fossils. One of the by-products of the their life cycle is oxygen and over millions of years they created an atmosphere which enabled higher life forms to develop.

So this natural jewel actually offers a glimpse into what life was like 600 million years ago! Some things just get better with age.