Pool Lane Reserve l Visit Mandurah & The Peel Region

Find endless varieties of adventures at Lane Poole Reserve

Lane Poole Reserve, covering nearly 55,000 hectares, is part of the Murray River Valley and beautiful to visit all year round.

In spring the forest fills with wildflowers, and in autumn the calls of brilliant parrots, red-tailed cockatoos and magpies echo through the early morning mist along the valley floor.

Picnicking, bushwalking, mountain biking, swimming, canoeing, four-wheel driving, wildlife observation and photography are all popular activities undertaken there.

Get inspired by this canoeing adventure:


Lane Poole Reserve is also where you find the closest tree top adventure experience to Perth – a treetop adventure park high up in the tree canopy called Trees Adventure. The treetop courses are built around the beautiful pine and jarrah trees of Nanga Mill Campground, with exhilarating views as you experience a flying fox through the treetops or quickly stop to catch your breath in the middle of one of the suspended bridges. Take on over 80 challenges including over 1 km of flying foxes when climbing in the jarrah treetops. There is a range of levels to choose from including levels suitable for kids from age 4 upwards.

There is a number of walk, mountain bike and 4WD tracks close by that wait to be explored:

For information on camping at Lane Poole, please visit the DPaW Campgrounds website.