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Fun Activities in Mandurah and Peel

Mandurah & Peel has plenty of fun activities to offer. Whether you prefer being on the water or dry land, check out what you could be doing right now, this weekend, or next month in the Peel Region.

Jet Skiing

Zip along the estuary or take to the open ocean on a jet ski from Mandurah. Available for hire, this nautical adventure is great fun, and you can do it alone or with a friend and be joined by dolphins along the way!

Book now with the local operator Nautical Adventures.





Located at Lane Poole Reserve Dwellingup, Trees Adventure is the closest Tree Top experience from Perth. Unleash your inner adventurer and take on over 80 challenges including over 1 km of flying foxes. The courses are built around the beautiful pine and jarrah trees of Nanga Mill Campground, with exhilirating views as you flying fox through the treetops or quickly stop to catch your breath in the middle of one of our suspended bridges! There is even an airborne skateboard!




Canoeing & Kayaking

For a more peaceful ride in the water, meander your way along the Murray River in Dwellingup (Shire of Murray) in a canoe or kayak. Grab a paddle and explore the beautiful untouched nature at Lane Poole Reserve.

Hire your canoe or kayak with the local operator Dwellingup Adventures.




Flyboarding, the newest extreme water sport that has recently made the whole world go mental for, can be experienced in Mandurah! It uses the propulsion from a jet ski pushing water into a 45ft hose and out through a board strapped to your feet.

Experience the weightlessness of flyboarding in Mandurah. Feel the power of the jets as you shoot towards the sun and see what you can do in mid-air! With a safety crew to fit you in, the ride is more comfortable than you’d expect, so you can really enjoy it!


Beach 4-Wheel-Driving

On dry land, jump in a 4WD and cruise along the Peel Region’s most beautiful beaches. Drive on 20km of sand from Preston Beach to Whitehills Beach, or journey up to Tim's Thicket, the closest 4WD beach to Perth with golden sands.



Mountain Biking

With plenty of off-road trails and country tracks, you can go mountain biking throughout the whole of the Peel Region. Check out the Munda Biddi Trail, the world's longest off-road cycle trail. Explore over 1,000 km of cycling heaven. As well as passing through magnificent Lane Poole Reserve with its swimming, camping and canoeing opportunities, the trail also takes you through the historic timber towns of Jarrahdale and Dwellingup.

If you are a beginner, Langford Park is a great alternative. Just outside of Jarrahdale, Langford Park is a popular mountain biking destination for beginners and advanced riders alike due to the gradual hills and fast, flowing singletrack.

From the forest and gradual hills to the thrombolites and beautiful lakes in Yalgorup National Park, you can cycle around and enjoy the breath-taking scenery that surrounds you.