Boating & Ocean Marina | Visit Mandurah

Go boating and explore the Ocean Marina

Mandurah is the place for anything on water or under water.

To gain the most from your visit to Mandurah you should hire a boat for an hour or two, explore the estuary, visit the new harbour, the marina and do not forget to tour through the canals and be amazed by the huge homes and boats of all sizes.

There is nothing better on a sunny day than enjoying the safe waters of the estuary. There are a variety of boats and sizes, all easy to drive and hire rates are reasonable.

The waterways around Mandurah offer innumerable opportunities for houseboat enthusiasts, and popular areas to explore include the estuary and the rivers which flow into it. Although they're just an hour from Perth, as you cruise these sheltered waterways, you'll feel as though you're a million miles away. There's no better way to retreat from the urban rat-race than on a comfortable, well-appointed boat.


Explore our world-class Ocean Marina

The Mandurah Ocean Marian is Western Australia’s most modern ocean based marina.

Located on Dolphin Drive Mandurah, you will currently find berthing for 98 recreational vessels and 35 fishing vessels. 

In close proximity is the Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club that also have a 74 berth facility.

Even if you don’t own a boat, the Ocean Marina is a must when visiting Mandurah.

Being an aquatic playground offering glorious beaches, boardwalks, parks and piazzas, the Mandurah Ocean Marina provides a colourful mix of waterfront market stalls, shops, cafes and restaurants as well as modern facilities for both professional and recreational boating enthusiasts.

The Mandurah Ocean Marina consists of umpteen recreational and commercial boat pens as well as club pens. In addition to offering a safe and sheltered mooring for your vessel, the Marina is well equipped to provide for all of your boating needs.