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Go fishing and crabbing

Mandurah is a popular place for fishing and crabbing.



Try your luck at catching crabs

Mandurah is famous for blue swimmer crabs which can be caught easily usually during summer from late January to April.

In the canals, you can usually get a few crabs from November onwards, however the summer hot weather gives them a growth spurt and many more reach the legal size. 

The crabs are brilliant blue. When they come out of the water they look magnificent in the sunlight, but you must be careful handling them. 

Netting for crabs is illegal unless you have a license. There are three methods locals use.

  • The most popular is walking through the shallow waters and scooping the crabs with a metal basket on the end of a broom handle.
  • For the second method you need a boat and 10 drop nets which you bait with old fish and wait 10 minutes and then pull up your nets hoping you have a legal size crab.
  • The third method is to goggle and snorkle dive with a glove on your hand and grab the crab.

It is a most enjoyable pastime and the cooked crabs are very much in demand.



Catch River Prawns

The Murray and Serpentine rivers are good for catching river prawns in early summer and king prawns during autumn during their ‘run’ out to sea.


Great fishing spots

Mandurah Estuary is a great place to fish. The estuary and Peel Inlet provide plenty of safe fishing as there are no waves to contend with. The waters have Herring, Sand Whiting, Bream, Cobbler (catfish), Taylor, Garfish and the occasional bigger fish.

You do not need a boat to fish as there are plenty of good jetties to fish from.

Or join one of the marine charter operators for your exciting fishing adventure – a Deep Sea Fishing trip with Port Bouvard Charters.

Whether you are an experienced fisherman or a novice, the crew are on hand to assist to help you get the most out of your fishing trip.

Species that you may catch include West Australian Dhufish, Harliquin, Pink Snapper, Breaksea Cod, Bauld Chin Groper, King George Whiting, Sharks.

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