Gold Mine Hill Walk | Visit Mandurah

Gold Mine Hill Walk

An easy short 200m walk of historic significance and very rewarding views.

Location: 1 Whittakers Road, North Dandelup, WA 6207 Australia
Phone: 08 9531 1438


Offering sweeping views across the coastal plain to Mandurah in the north and Bunbury in the south, Gold Mine Hill is located in North Dandalup.

 Mine shafts and diggings can still be found with chunks of quartz scattered through the area. No gold was ever found. BBQ facilities are available. Although this is quite a short walk, it has interesting features and is next to the popular Gold Mine Hill picnic site.

It affords good views of the Peel Inlet and Swan Coastal Plain. Along the walk is a diverse range of vegetation including Salmon White Gum, Wandoo and Dwarf Mountain Marri.

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