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Mandurah Arts Festival

For the first three weekends of November, Mandurah Arts Festival will transport you to new lands and states of mind, bringing people together to share and delight in Mandurah’s arts scene.

This year, some of the city’s most popular spots will host a range of events, including the launch of a photographic exhibition, Faces of Mandurah, on Mandurah Bridge accompanied by a screening of Finding Vivian Maier. Musical Fruit will wrap up the festival, transforming Keith Holmes Reserve into a launch pad for local musicians.

An experimental program of 15+ free small and larger scale projects will activate locations across the city, starting out small and giving the festival the opportunity to grow organically with community at its heart.





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About Mandurah Arts Festival...

Our stories are at the heart of our city.

Our stories reflect the life and vibrancy of our community.

Like the waterways that connect people to places,

They transport us to new lands and states of mind –

And they bring people to our Mandjoogoordap.

Our Arts Festival will be filled with our stories.

It will inspire and foster our creativity.

We will express our stories through a diverse range of mediums –

Art, music, dance, performance, fashion, writing, storytelling –

In ways that are uniquely us, uniquely Mandurah.

This is Mandurah Arts Festival.

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