Campsites | Peel Region and Mandurah

Peel Region and Mandurah Campsites

Campsites in Mandurah and around the Peel region of WA are seemingly popular with visitors and it's easy to see why. Each year thousands of new and seasoned travellers pitch up at various Mandurah campsites to take in the exquisitely charming surroundings as they start the holiday adventure of a lifetime. Our designated regions in WA for campsites cover known tourist hotspots such as Murray, Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Waroona and as far as Boddington. The vast majority of campsites are on the to do list of places to stay in all known high-end travel guides and websites.

Peel Region and Mandurah Campsite Features

Visitors flock into the Mandurah and Peel region for campsites as they are perfectly tailored to the holidaymaker that enjoys spending time relaxing and taking in the sights in comfort. Our mission is to provide the ultimate experience for you and your travel companions, whether it be friends, family or colleagues, by offering a comfortable and clean campsite with full amenities and plenty of space. Animals are welcome too, although certain restrictions may apply depending on the designated campsite.


Peel Region and Mandurah Campsite Locations

You can book a space at one of the campsites in Mandurah, Murray, Waroona, Serpentine-Jarrahdale or Boddington by using our online booking system. Suitable for all types, including families, couples and the solo traveller, we have a holiday waiting for you that won’t be beaten!

Peel Region and Mandurah Campsite Rates

Campsite accommodation options are priced depending on the requirements, there are several options open to the camper. The setting up of tents and tent equipment is a painless and hassle free task due to the accommodating surface of the campsites and lack of overgrowth of forestation. Tents and equipment can be purchased in any of the local towns like Mandurah and around the Peel region so don’t worry if you haven’t fully planned for all eventualities.

Book A Peel Region and Mandurah Campsite

Our staff are on hand to assist you when booking, so feel free to get in touch and inform us of your specific needs. For more information on campsites in Mandurah & the Peel region , get in touch with one of the Peel Visitor Centres.