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The Swamp Hen Trail

One of a series of seven canoe trails on the Peel Region’s rivers and waterways, The Swamp Hen Trail can be entered by a number of access points. A year round tidal trail on the quieter section of the beautiful Murray River.

Location: Murray River, Pinjarra, WA 6208 Australia
Phone: (08) 9538 1108


The Murray River is born with the union of the Hotham and Williams rivers and its life force disperses into the Peel Inlet just below Coopers Mill.

 The river flows past historic Quindanning Hotel, onwards to Lane Poole Reserve near Dwellingup, passing forests and camping areas. It continues rapidly down through the reserve into Scarp Pool, flowing through the Darling Scarp into farmland, mixing with tea trees and arriving at Pinjarra, where this trail begins.

The Purple Swamp Hens with their bright red bills are unmistakeable and are easily seen along the river banks or perches on reeds or low tree branches. A member of the rail family, swamp hens are the size of a chicken and despite not having webbed feet they are very strong swimmers.

This all year round rural trail is a quieter section of the Murray River, with paddlers seeing cattle, farm buildings, remnant orchards and discarded machinery. Take a pleasant 2km side trip up the Dandalup River. A warning to canoeists and kayakers: keep well clear of the Pinjarra Wier on both downstream and upstream sides.

To undertake this trail, you should be experienced in canoeing and paddling, be able to swim confidently, always let a responsible person know of your trip plans, and keep to the right in boating channels or canals.

Admission Prices | Free

Departures | Boat ramp at Ravenswood Road, Murray Bend or at Henry Street boat ramp, Pinjarra. Mid point trail entry at George Brook Reserve.

Duration | Ranging. Total trail length 15 kms. Regional Information: Shire of Murray (08) 9531 7777 City of Mandurah (08) 9550 3777

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