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Blogging from Peel

Left Coast Australia is committed to showcase the Region which expands from bustling coastal cities to quaint woody townships. Discover what is happening through local eyes. We are packed to the brim of all things Peel, featuring local businesses, artists, makers and creators.
Toni Gordon is a WA born, Peel region advocate. With a passion for Urban Arts & Culture, Street food and water activities. Toni has a professional background in Construction, Administration and Floral Design, which makes for an eclectic view on most things. You can find her, toddler in tow getting the locals view on what’s happening about town.

Byfords New Art Trail

Byfords New Art Trail

Byfords New Art Trail

Before the Freeway helped the hustle of modern life get from City to the South, it was very common to drive through Byford on South Western Highway.

I remember Byford to be the place I would stop fuel up on a hot chicken Roll from Chooks. I always felt my body unwind as I drove through the lush green pastures and spotting the Kangaroos on the fields.

5 Places you must GO for coffee…

5 Places you must GO for coffee…

5 Places you must GO for coffee…

Getting started in the morning is sometimes dependant on coffee. Good coffee can be the instrumental key to make your day Boom or Gloom. I must admit to you all, I am not addicted to coffee, rather.. I feel we are in a committed relationship…

So here goes my list of 5 places you absolutely must go to get that all important roasted bean fix

The Hairy Lentil – Beetroot Latte

So if you have been in a drowsy uncaffeinated haze you would possibly not know that beetroot lattes are a thing. Combining the superfood qualities of Beetroot and the goodness we already know and love of coffee. This drink even has a bit of pink prettiness too..Head to Waroona and see what amazing things are happening at the Hairy Lentil.

Jarra InfusionCoffee and Art Experience

Head out to Pinjarra for a great coffee and to browse the cafe for local art. check out their facebook page also as they often have art and craft workshops. Totally Kid friendly too! Coffee chat and learning something new and cool! what could be better?

Flics KitchenBlacklist Espresso Martini

Ok so this one is one of those loopholes in life where it’s never too early for a coffee. We can say that it’s 5pm somewhere but I really think it is not necessary. Coffee + Martini is pure genius. Flics is open from 8am so its a sure way to start your day with a bang! Have one with your breakfast darling, absolutely fabulous.

Tree of life– Delightful High Teas

This stunning café, provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere, great coffee and delicious, healthy food. Their high teas are lovely for a special occasion or treat. Details here

DPM CafeCoffee and Donut Day

Did someone say Donut? I mean ridiculously huge mouth watering donut the size of a baby’s head? Yep. I did! Coffee and a Donut every Friday and Saturday at DPM. Get in early as they do sell out of donuts..Opens from 6am. I think I said donuts enough.. donuts..donut.


Navigating The Local Art Scene

Navigating The Local Art Scene

Navigating The Local Art Scene


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