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Best Eco Experiences in Mandurah & the Peel Region

Best Eco Experiences in Mandurah & the Peel Region

Best Eco Experiences in Mandurah & the PeeL Region

Only an hour’s drive south of Perth, the City of Mandurah is famous for its magnificent vast waterways and protected ecosystem. We have picked the Best Eco Experiences in Mandurah & the Peel Region for you:


1. Climb the treetops of Dwellingup at Trees Adventure

This treetop adventure park is built around the beautiful pine and jarrah trees of Nanga Mill Campground near Dwellingup. Being Perth’s First Tree Ropes Course, Trees Adventure is an exhilarating 2 hour experience with easy to insane courses! With over 80 thrilling aerial challenges including an airborne skateboard and flying foxes, there’s something for the whole family from 4-75+! Bookings are essential. 



2. Crabbing & Eco Tour with Mandurah Cruises

Try your hand at ‘scooping’ for Mandurah’s famous blue manna crabs in the shallow waters of the Peel Inlet and learn how to prepare and cook Mandurah’s famous blue manna crabs on Mandurah Cruises’ exciting half day adventure. Enjoy a BBQ lunch and delicious crabs as you cruise back through the scenic waterways to Mandurah. It’s the most unique tour you’ll ever do!



3. Aqualib Wetlands Wildlife Safari Cruise

Aqualib’s local experienced guides will take you on an exciting adventure. Experience the amazing Mandurah Estuary and view the abundance of natural attractions creating spectacular scenery. Explore around Boundary Island, venture into the wetlands and watch and learn about the majestic birdlife. Get up close to our playful Dolphins as they can be seen swimming alongside the boat!



4. Cruise on Eco BBQ Boats around Mandurah's Ocean Marina  

Fancy a BBQ on the water? Mandurah is the only location in WA where you can experience this! Eco BBQ Boats offer eco-friendly, circular BBQ boats for hire. No skipper's ticket required. Bring your own food & drinks and they will take care of the rest!



5. Creery Wetlands

This sanctuary has a series of connected boardwalks and hard pathways with informational signage and bird watching areas. Please stay on pathways to conserve this fragile environment. It is an important feeding ground for waterbirds, and shorebirds which migrate to this area every year from Northern Asia and Alaska. There are also many animals, including a colony of Quendas (Bandicoots).


6. Len Howard Conservation Park

Len Howard Conservation Park is a beautiful wetland area located in Mandurah / Erskine features nature walking trails along the estuary and bird watching sites. There is also a wetland connected to the reserve which has walk trails around it and a grassed area for picnics.



7. Island Point Reserve

Island Point Reserve is a very popular bird watching area and you’ll also find great sheltered estuary beaches to swim at and bush trails to wander.


8. Riverside Gardens Reserve & Lake Goegrup

The Riverside Heartwalk walk trail runs along the Serpentine River providing an experience of river and wetland environments. One of the three rivers draining into Peel-Harvey estuary the Serpentine River provides habitat to many species of fauna and flora. Boardwalks also cross wetlands associated with the River. Lake Goegrup is a shallow, sandy water body that forms part of the Serpentine River system. Find out more.



9. Lake Clifton Thrombolites at yalgorup National Park  

Yalgorup National Park is home to the ancient Thromobolites that reside in Lake Clifton. The wetland system has achieved international recognition as an important area for migratory waterbirds, and it supports several threatened plant and animal species.



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