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Find here a little extra inspiration for your adventure getaway to the Peel Region. See you soon!

Hands on adventures

Hands on adventures

Hands on adventures

Peel zoo is more than just a zoo… it’s a hands on adventure.

Wander through aviaries with local and exotic birds, feed the friendly kangaroos out of your hand or just admire the extensive collection of animals. However you choose to enjoy it, the Peel Zoo is a wonderful family day out that the kids will love.

Koalas, kangaroos, deer, foxes, beautiful birds, Tasmania devils, long nose potoroos, spotted tailed quolls, farm animals and reptiles are some of the animals that you will find at the Peel Zoo.

The zoo has one of the most successful Tasmania devil breeding programs which has gone a long way in protecting the species.  This program is run in partnership with the Australian and Tasmania Government.

With lovely shaded picnic grounds you can start your journey off in a comfortable environment with the sound of peacocks and other birds all around.

Peel Zoo also has a special program for kids. They can become a Zookeeper for a day! The program give kids the opportunity to learn about animal husbandry, feeding, animal handling, and captive breeding. Get up close with Tassie Devils, Koalas, Quolls, and much more. Zookeeper for a day is a unique experience that your kids will love and can only be had at the Peel Zoo.

The Peel Zoo is located in Pinjarra, just 15 minutes from Mandurah and an hour from Perth. Make a day of it and visit the Peel Zoo and then take in a dolphin cruise and enjoy a meal on the Mandurah foreshore.








Watch here a Dan Paris, from WA Weekender, is visiting the Peel Zoo where they have one of the world’s best breeding programs for Tasmanian Devils. After spending some time between those creatures, he’s heading to the Murray River for some refreshments!

Location (Map)

Pinjarra WA 6208, Australia
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