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Let the sea set you free

Let the sea set you free

Let the sea set you free

To cruise or not to cruise… that is the question. In the end we decided to cruise, and I don’t regret it at all! I had the opportunity to forget about work, stress and everything else for 1 hour. How lucky am I?

We were invited by Mandurah Cruises to enjoy the adventure of a 1 hour scenic canal cruise around the beautiful and charming Mandurah waterways and I have to say, what a perfect break the daily routine.

Cruising around Mandurah is an experience like no other. It is relaxing, peaceful, surprising and adventurous. During our 1 hour cruise we went through the Venetian style canals and saw massive houses, amazing boats and of course Mandurah’s friendly dolphins. I couldn’t believe how big and luxurious some of the houses are. One of them has a private tennis court, another has 6 bathrooms... and most of them are just holiday homes. Oh my, what an amazing way to have a holiday!

Another highlight from the cruise was the wild life. Pelicans flying around gracefully, cormorants and seagulls having a meeting in the rocks and playful dolphins showing off especially for us. They would follow and play in the boat’s wake, or hide for a few seconds under the boat, making eager spectators - like myself - wait for that perfect photo.

Mandurah Cruises offers a range of cruises and tour options for you, your family and your friends to enjoy all year-round. If you‘re in Perth and looking for something a little different to do this summer, make your way down to Mandurah for quick getaway.

Mandurah is just one hour from Perth, yet it still has that holiday feeling about it. An easy going town where everybody is happy and friendly. Why? Because everybody here lives like they are on holiday all the time. Mandurah is the perfect spot for a day trip, short break, or even long holiday.

Enjoy some of the photos that we took on our tour.





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