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She's got my name on her

She's got my name on her

She's got my name on her

As a newbie to Mandurah (and someone who doesn’t yet own a boat, canoe, kayak, jetski, wakeboard, you-name-it) I was keen to go to the Mandurah Boat Show and see what it was all about. As I figured we’d eventually get a water craft of some kind, the Boat Show struck me as exactly the right place to be to suss all this out. Might there be a boat there with my name on it?

New Mandurah friends invited us to go to the boat show - by boat - as you do here - and we commenced the quest with a fortifying lunch of fish at Catch 22 Restaurant after parking the neat craft alongside said restaurant. Great, I figured. With a bit of training, I could do that, I thought.

On entering the boat show, armed with a 2014 program which proclaimed I was about to encounter ‘a festival of boating,’ I didn’t know where to start. This was a happening place - demonstrations of gear, fish filleting, cooking, watercraft, dry docking systems, and, best of all, there was stuff here I’d never seen before - let alone dreamt of - like jet surfs!

We commenced the trail at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club, a hive of activity, and worked our way around the pontoons through the rows of technology, boats and tents finally negotiating the supercar promenade where, thoughtfully, you could admire the latest Lamborghini Huracan and still lift your eyes across its polished bonnet to a stately super yacht beyond.

My attention was transfixed by a glamorous vessel named Gatsby and, wanting to explore on board, I became instantly aware that my choice of footwear was oh-so-wrong.

Was I wearing heels, I hear you ask? Nooooooo - lace-ups with socks! And, oh the torture, you had to take your shoes OFF to tread the pristine boards of Gatsby, or any of the other beauties that I might have bought that day. Darn, I cursed, promising that next time I would know to wear the boatie footwear staple of slip off thongs.

Consolation was at hand in the form of dazzling diamonds at Linney’s (hey, they don’t call them a girl’s best friend for nothing!) And, if diamonds weren’t your thing anyway, you could always press on to pearls, thanks to Cygnet Bay.

Oh, there were beautiful things here. The Mandurah Boat Show isn’t ALL about the boats, which is nice, but they ARE the superstars. I was admiring the patriotic floral artistry of the Sunseeker Australia pavilion (divinely green and gold) when I looked up and there she was, bobbing oh so gently, with her beautiful stern presented to me. Shimmering, towering above me. White. With my name on her. MIA. Did I get a selfie? Hell, yeah!

By Mia Lacy

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