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Why Mandurah Beats the French Riviera

Why Mandurah Beats the French Riviera

Why Mandurah Beats the French Riviera

Tom Parker Bowles, British food critic (and Prince Charles’ step-son), was in Mandurah recently in his new role as producer of Channel Nine’s new foodie reality tv series, The Hotplate.

As he was filming with Western Australian contestants Conrad and Liam at their Mandurah waterfront restaurant Duck Duck Moose, he looked up over Mandjar Bay and reportedly quipped – ‘Keep the French Riviera: this is the place to be!’

As well as confirming what we’d always thought, this set us thinking: could we list the 10 top reasons why Mandurah beats the French Riviera?

Mais, oui! 

So here is the nitty gritty: our Top 10 Reasons why Mandurah Beats the French Riviera:

1. Our Estuary
If you’re looking for a seriously large aquatic playground, we certainly have one! Our Peel-Harvey estuary is twice the size of Sydney Harbour - 136 square kilometres - and is ideal for canoeing, kayaking, jet-skiing, boating, fishing and crabbing.

2. Our Blue Manna Crab
Blue swimmer crabs or blue manna (Portunus pelagicus) are native to our waters and are a feature of any boating holiday here. They are a delicacy, just the thing to showcase in your cooking (if the French discovered our blue manna crabs they would export them!) and you will never ever forget once you taste them freshly caught and cooked!

3. Our Thrombolites
No, they are not an edible delicacy, but they are the ‘stepping stones of life’ and these superb ancient fossils live in the pure waters of Lake Clifton, only a short drive south of Mandurah. Yes, they live – they are alive and they are the closest thing to what life looked like 3.5 billion years ago and you can view them from a boardwalk.

4. Our Beaches
No-one will ask you to pay for towel space on our beaches – in fact on some of our magnificent beaches here you won’t see another person, there is that much room to enjoy the golden sand. And did you know you can also 4WD (4 wheel drive) on our beaches here? It is so much fun – and it’s legal! 

5. Our Dolphins
You’re likely to spot Mandurah’s bottlenose dolphins (and our other beautiful aquatic wildlife) while you’re sitting having a flat white at Duck Duck Moose or one of the waterfront cafes! It’s absolutely true – there are over 100 dolphins in our waterways and they just love showing off in the shallow waters of Mandjar Bay.

6. Our Hire Boats
You need not be rich and famous to explore Mandurah’s spectacular waterways by boat – you can simply hire one. You don’t even require anything other than a driver’s license and a credit card! Then, you are on your way through the canals, spying the dolphins and the birdlife, and feeling like royalty.

7. Our Venetian Canals
Yes, Mandurah does have Venetian canals – that is exactly their name on the map of Mandurah city and you will find these lovely European-inspired canals with their luxury apartments throughout much of the city – next to our fantastic marina!

8. Our Crab Fest
Sure we know there’s a festival in Cannes, but it doesn’t match our Mandurah Crab Fest. Each year, over 100,000 visitors come to Mandurah during Crab Fest when the city turns on all the charms of our signature event – cuisine, competitions, entertainment, concerts – it’s a weekend to plan for in advance as there is simply so much going on.

9. Our Wetlands
The Creery Wetlands are 30 acres of nature reserve beside our city which annually host over 130 different species of native and migratory birds. These include the tiny Red-necked Stint which weights no more than a box of matches and flies to Mandurah from Siberia!

10. No Passport Required!
Finally, you won’t need a passport to visit Mandurah – just a sense of adventure and a healthy appetite (although it might be a good idea to make reservations if you plan on dining at Duck Duck Moose – it’s very popular for a good reason: those men sure can cook!).

So step out for an adventure any time and check out Mandurah & the Peel Region of WA. For many in this great state it’s just a short drive to get here and a chance to see why many foodies are discovering the pleasure of dining in regional Western Australia.

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75 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah WA 6210, Australia
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