Vivid Gallery

Vivid Gallery

Vivid Gallery is operated by a group of talented local artists who display and sell their work in a continually evolving exhibition.

Location: 2/3A Smart Street Mall, Mandurah WA 6210
Phone: 0491-035-871


Vivid Art Collective artists and Guest Artists are only eligible to exhibit at Vivid Gallery. The exhibitions consists of a diverse selection of artworks, such as original Paintings, Encaustic Art, Resin Art, Glass Art, Glassware, Jewellery, Sculptures & Prints.

Vivid Gallery evolved from an Artpreneur 101 project developed by City of Mandurah for artists and creatives. A core group of the original students continued to meet and new artists from Mandurah joined to form an art collective.

Run by artists, the members have a collective approach to running their organisation, by working together to support each other and to promote and sell their artwork. The Vivid Art Collective is a ‘not for profit’ incorporated association and is supported by the City of Mandurah.

“We aim to build the capacity and social environment of our artists, enhance social well being and help build an artists network. We will support each other to create trade opportunities and to exhibit and sell artwork on behalf of members.”

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We are located in the Mandurah City Centre - 2/3a Smart Street Mall, Mandurah

Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am - 3pm

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