Watch wild dolphins l Visit Mandurah and Peel

Watch wild dolphins playing in the water

As the inland waterways provide safety to the dolphin pods, Mandurah is one of only a small number of places in the world where you can frequently see wild dolphins living so close to people.

Bottlenose Dolphins are often seen swimming in the boat harbour and through the estuary and canals. You have to be quick though to take a picture of them as they swim fast and can remain underwater for up to 15 mins at a time. 

Places within Mandurah where dolphins are being regularly spotted are:

  • Mandjar Bay (City Centre)
  • Stingray Point (close to Sebel Mandurah)
  • Dawesville Cut (south of Mandurah )

You can also join one of the cruises operators for a dolphin & scenic tour to get closer to some of the about 100 bottlenose dolphins living in the Mandurah waters.

Those of you who like a bit of adventure, can hire a boat or a jet ski and go on their own dolphin watching tour. Our dolphins are well-known for playing and interacting with the boats and people. Can you think of a better way to spend your weekend or holiday? We can’t!