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Yalgorup National Park Walk/Bike

Yalgorup National Park is known for its elongated lakes, beautiful tuart and peppermint woodlands and for the amazing thrombolites of Lake Clifton. Spring and autumn are particularly good times to explore nature walks at Lake Preston and Martins Tank Lake Campground (which incorporates the Lake Pollard Bird Hide). Walks can be strolled at a leisurely pace before indulging in a well-earned barbecue or picnic.

Location: Preston Beach Rd, Preston Beach WA 6215 Australia
Phone: (08) 9733 7800


The park is situated 20 km south of Mandurah town site along the Old Coast Road and extends to Mylup Beach and Lake Preston in the south.

Lake Preston Walking Trail - Disabled friendly, 2km trail starts at the Preston Beach Information Bay. Meander through natural bush and groves of melaleucas to the lake where you can view the bird life.

Lake Pollard Trail - 6km Grade 2 trail (approximately 2 hours) starts just past the entrance to Martin's Tank on Preston Beach Road North. Head through woodlands of jarrah, tuart, peppermint and bull banksia before emerging to the vistas of Lake Pollard. Black swans mass October to March and there is a bird hide next to the lake.

Heathlands Walk - 4.5km Grade 2 trail (approximately 90 minutes) starts at the CALM Information Bay. Explore the diverse vegetation from towering tuarts to the delicate flowers of the limestone ridges and enjoy sweeping views over Lake Preston to Myalup.

Martins Tank Lake is one of ten conservation lakes in the Yalgorup National Park. A walk trail starts 50 metres past the camping area turn-off on Preston Beach Road, and a small walk track leads from the camping area to the lake via the fig trees.

Martins Tank Campground is nestled among peppermint woodland and tuart forest on the banks of Martins Tank Lake. It has 20 individual camping bays, nine small caravan sites and a four-group campsite for tents. The site is the perfect setting for a weekend escape from the city. Brushing the foliage of the trees releases a strong peppermint scent that infuses the entire campsite, enhancing the peaceful experience. Fire restrictions apply during summer. The campground operates on a first come, first served basis. Camping fees apply.

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